Why is a Healthcare CRM System Necessary for Cosmetic Practices?

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Today’s empowered patients expect quality service and are likely to switch to another provider in case of unsatisfactory service. Providing an excellent patient experience sets you apart from your competitors and ensures repeat patients. A healthcare CRM system helps you build a strong patient-provider relationship, increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty. Investing in a CRM is a great strategy to grow your practice, attract more patients, and increase your bottom line.

What is a Healthcare CRM?

A healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) system helps retain existing patients and attract new ones. It uses patients’ demographics, patient engagement, financial information, and other relevant details to create a comprehensive patient profile. Through this wealth of data, practices can develop a personalized patient outreach, create an effective engagement strategy, and pinpoint growth opportunities.

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Benefits of Using a Medical CRM

Unlike some medical practices, cosmetic clinics manage product sales and inventory in addition to providing aesthetic and medical services. CRMs can help run these workflows more efficiently and productively by tracking a customer’s purchasing behavior and activity to help you sell more. As your cosmetic practice grows, so does your patient database. If left unmonitored, your practice could lose crucial opportunities. A medical CRM helps you stay in touch with your existing patients while nurturing prospects. Here are several key benefits that a CRM brings to your practice.

1. Provides Insights Into Your Patients

The amount of valuable data available in a healthcare CRM helps providers create a better picture of their patient database and develop better relationships with them. It helps providers learn more about their patients, who they are, their preferred treatment services and products, and the “why” behind their purchases.

CRMs organize data into reports and dashboards so practices can easily see trends and growth opportunities. These insights help your practice accurately forecast and take the guesswork out of planning for the future. Leverage these results to decide what product to promote next or how to improve patient satisfaction. Through reports, you can measure the success of your engagement campaigns from different channels, allowing you to focus only on strategies that work.

2. Automates Administrative and Marketing Tasks

Healthcare administrative expenses account for 15%-25% of total healthcare costs. Additionally, nurturing patient relationships is an extensive process that demands staff time. Practices can reduce administrative spending and lighten staff’s load by using CRMs to automate tasks like sending patient reminders, after-care instructions, and appointment follow-up. Your staff, in turn, can spend their time and energy on face-to-face tasks that require more human interaction. In addition, automation reduces your chances of missing out on new patients.

CosmetiSuite’s CRM, for example, allows you to send automated messages depending on the patient’s treatment stage and procedure. It also helps you manage and track inquiries for easy lead conversion.

3. Increases Patient Retention

Across industries, winning new customers costs five times more than retaining existing ones. Creating loyal patients and prioritizing patient retention ensures financial growth. Since CRMs provide a single place for everyone to access patient information, your team is better prepared to answer a patient’s inquiry, satisfy their concerns, and even anticipate problems. Staff can easily see when it’s time to reach out and set the next appointment. CRMs help you build a strong, well-coordinated team that prevents patients from leaving because of neglect or a slow, unsatisfactory response.

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4. Personalized Outreach and Marketing

The actionable data provided by CRMs allow you to communicate with your prospects and existing patients effectively. Rather than sending general healthcare marketing blasts, you can tailor patient messaging based on the patient’s demographics, preference, and treatment history. Patient segmentation enables your practice to forecast patient needs and develop outreach for potential treatments. When patients receive personalized communication, they are less likely to ignore your messages and more likely to take action because they feel more valued.

You can further strengthen patient communication with automated patient engagement tools. IMS InTouch, an EHR-integrated text and email system, allows you to broadcast your latest services, products, offers, and promo to selected patients. All you need to do is customize your template, set the parameters once, and let the system do the rest.

How to Choose the Best Healthcare CRM


CRMs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some may include tools you’ll never need but still require you to pay the full amount. That’s why it’s imperative to select a platform specially designed for healthcare, and specifically cosmetic practices, that understands your unique workflow. CRMs integrated with EHRs save your staff time from adding the same patient data into two systems. It enriches available data through real-time insights like patient payments or appointment responses.

CosmetiSuite is an all-in-one EHR, practice management, and office management software with a comprehensive CRM solution. Its CRM features, like integrated marketing and patient engagement tools, nurture relationships while optimizing your workflows. Specifically designed for cosmetic practices, CosmetiSuite has everything you need to improve every area of your practice. Take advantage of a cosmetic practice CRM today.

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