Your essential weekly guide to Artificial Intelligence – October 2019 Part I

Artificial Intelligence blog In this week’s Artificial Intelligence digest, we have included some of the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These developments suggest a bright future for AI applications across industries and the increasing scope of these technologies in creating more jobs globally in the coming years. 

Unveiling Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Media and Entertainment Sector

Media and entertainment companies face several challenges that can be attributed to factors such as live streaming of content, unpredictable traffic, personalization and publishing permission-based content. Companies in the media and entertainment sector are investing a significant portion of their budget to improve bandwidth for streaming content seamlessly.

Alibaba Unveils Chip Developed for Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese e-commerce group unveiled the Hanguang 800 on Wednesday, which is designed to carry out the type of calculations used by AI applications much faster than conventional chips.

Software Robots Are Guiding us Into Intelligent Automation, With Less Stress

The big-bang AI and machine learning projects may be stuck in pilots and proofs of concepts, but a less glamorous form of intelligent automation may be percolating its way through processes and channels across enterprises — software bots associated with robotic process automation (RPA). These bots usually take on single-purpose tasks, such as pulling data for a purchase order or delivering an email confirming with a transaction. A majority of enterprises surveyed by Deloitte last year, 53 per cent, report they have put RPA in place, with 72 per cent expecting to do so within the next two years.

Artificial Intelligence Has Become a Tool For Classifying And Ranking People

AI’s ability to classify and rank people, to separate them according to whether they’re “good” or “bad” in relation to certain purposes. At the moment, Western civilization hasn’t reached the point where AI-based systems are used en masse to categorize us according to whether we’re likely to be “good” employees, “good” customers, “good” dates and “good” citizens. Nonetheless, all available indicators suggest that we’re moving in this direction.
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