Your Weekly Guide to Artificial Intelligence – August Part II – GL

Artificial Intelligence will be impacting the Indian economy in 2019 in ways more than one. It’s an exciting time for AI researchers since most of the industries will move towards automation, opening up new scopes for research and employment. Here are a few articles that track the growth of AI across different industries in recent times.
AI/ML to Witness Interest from Enterprises
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is pushing business forward in the market but it is still in the early stages for large-scale market adoption. Pilot projects are being designed to identify and solve business issues in enterprises. Customer facing functions, middle and back-office functions are witnessing technology enabled transformations through AI/ML tools. Voice AI is also expected to transform customer engagement in the consumer market.
Black Hat 2019: Investment, Interest in AI for Security Ramps Up
Companies investing heavily in AI for cyber security will increase by an average of 29 percent in 2020. With 61 percent of businesses admitting that they fail to identify security breaches without the use of AI technologies. Investment in AI aided cyber security will continue to grow, a trend clearly observed at Black Hat 2019, a computer security conference. This year it witnesses an increasing number of platforms leveraging AI applications to detect security threats.
SEA Consumers Trust AI Recommendations More Than Brands
Studies have shown that 77 percent of South-East Asian consumers rely on search engine recommendations and 70 percent trust e-commerce for product recommendations- a much higher number compared to the 44 percent who rely on traditional business websites. This willing dependence on AI has propelled the use of AI in understanding and improving customer relationships in SEA. 
AI and ML can be as Big as $177 Billion in the IT Services industry: Kris Gopalakrishna
Co-founder of Axilor venture and former executive vice chairman of Infosys, Kris Gopalakrishna revealed that the AI/ML industry is going to witness major investments from the IT services sector in the near future. AI and ML influences almost all aspects of our lives and the trend will continue to grow with the government’s shift towards a digital economy. 
NHS gets £250m Boost for AI and Genomics
UK government intends to bring the benefits of technology to healthcare and to that effect has declared a £250m funding package for a new plan to elevate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and genomic medicine. health secretary, Matt Hancock said that the government is determined to build the frontline of future care through automation.
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